Umut Erhan

UEsound is founded by Umut Erhan, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Istanbul. His main focus is music as a composer, producer, and keyboardist; however, he is also known as an architect, digital artist, and software/electronics hobbyist.  He performed with Turkey’s top celebrities and artists as a full-time touring keyboardist and music director. Some of the names include; Kenan Dogulu (Pop Star)Ozan Dogulu (Producer/DJ), Bora Uzer (Hip Hop/Soul Artist), and Ajda Pekkan (“Turkish SuperStar”).

“Keyboard Magazine” shared his tutorial videos “Thriller” and “24K Magic” with good compliments. UE’s videos also received positive comments from notable musicians like Steve Porcaro (TOTO, Michael Jackson…), Michael Bearden (Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga…), David Rosenthal (Billy Joel, Rainbow…), and from many musicians around the world. His videos catch the attention of non-musicians as well for their unique video editing styles -explaining ongoing sonic changes with visual feedback, using colors, graphics, and 3D animations.

Under the brand of UEsound, Umut created various sound packs for the Korg Kronos community. He also created various music hardware, and software to make live performance and music production easier and more intuitive. He competed in MIDI Innovation Awards in 2022 and 2023 with his original designs; BC-01 (breath controller) and GigWiz (midi hardware).

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