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3-in-1 MIDI Controller



BC-01 by UEsound is a compact 3-in-1 MIDI device that serves as a customizable breath controller, input for expression pedal/knobs, and programmable MIDI buttons.



Create CC messages from various inputs

BC-01 is a powerful and smart hub for creating CC messages via various inputs. Two of the TRS 3.5mm jacks serve as inputs for the included breath controller sensor and generic expression pedals. But the inputs can be used with the included modular potentiometers as well. 3 of the menu buttons can be used as MIDI buttons.

Some of the key features:

  • It is fully customizable, you can assign different CC numbers or channel numbers to each input on the go.
  • You can modify the input signal by adding gain, limiter, or smoother easily.
  • 5 different sensitivity curves can be applied (1 linear, 2x exponential, 2x logarithmic curves).
  • Breath controller input can have different settings for inhaling and exhaling.
  • Performance mode turns the menu buttons into CC buttons that can act as toggle/momentary.
  • You can save different assignments as presets under 3 different Performance Modes.
  • Midi is sent over USB and/or 3.5mm TRS midi out jack
  • No software is needed. Easy to operate through 128×32 OLED display
  • Screensaver mode extends the life of the display
  • It is really small; 50mm x 66mm x 22mm.

BC01 has two operating modes. In the Main Mode, it is an advanced breath controller and you can quickly jump between different channels and these commonly used CC numbers: MOD(cc#1), BRTH(cc#2), VOL(cc#7), EXP(cc#11), CUTF(cc#74), FOOT(cc#4), USR1, USR2 (user assignable)

In the Performance Modes, in addition to the breath controller, you can also use the second input with a pedal or a knob and the menu buttons operate as midi buttons.



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